• 373256 G 1 100x100 - De Eekhoorn Nurgadiivan hall
  • 373256 G 2 100x100 - De Eekhoorn Nurgadiivan hall
  • 373256 G 3 100x100 - De Eekhoorn Nurgadiivan hall

De Eekhoorn Nurgadiivan hall


Saadavus: 1 laos (saab järeltellida)

Luna corner sofa is covered with a rib fabric that is composed of 92% PES and 8% PA, 280 g/m2 and has a Martindale of 45000.
LUNA corner sofa has a seat height of 45 cm, a seat width of 212 cm, a seat depth of 2-seats of 55 cm and a seat depth angle of 173 cm.
The armrest has a height of 61 cm and the width is 28 cm (24 cm without bulging). The width of the end CL is 90 cm.
The plastic legs are 2 cm high.

The LUNA frame is made of beech, pine, chipboard, etc.
The seat cushions are filled with foam 538, fiber 200 grams, fiber 200 grams.
The back cushions are filled with Foam HR3032, fiber 200 grams.

LUNA corner sofa is available in a left and right version.


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De Eekhoorn

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