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By adding the Vogue armchair to your interior, you add a stylish chair and a real eye catcher to your interior. The Vogue armchair is a fantastic and timeless armchair with a comfortable sit. A real enrichment!

The Vogue armchair is furnished with a beautiful and rich velvet fabric with poppy print (100%PES). This velvet fabric is available in the colors grey and mustard. The legs are made of metal which is finished in a black color.

The Vogue armchair has a height of 69 cm, a width of 57 cm and a depth of 70 cm. The two legs in front have a height of 25 cm and the two legs at the back have a height 22,5 cm. The seat height is 44 cm, the seat depth is 54 cm and the seat width is 54 cm.

69x57x70 (H X B X D)


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De Eekhoorn

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