ZUIVER Bliss vaip halli/sinisega ümar D240cm


Saadaval järeltellimisel

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We created Bliss Carpet in cooperation with famous
Belgian carpetmakers. For generations, the best modern
machine-woven carpets have come from Belgium. But Bliss
carpet’s playful design came from our own design team.
The geometric pattern is made even more striking by the
variations in the height of the lovely wool blend pile. Bliss
features different carpet-weaving techniques to make it even
more interesting. To make Bliss even more attractive, Bliss
comes in two colour combinations, three generous sizes and
there is also a round version. You can sigh blissfully now!
Machine woven carpet
Composition: 30% Polyester, wool blend
Four sides overlocked
Back finished with 100% jute
Suitable for underfloor heating, anti static
Height: 12 mm



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