ZUIVER Hilton vaip halli/kollasega ümar D240cm


Saadaval järeltellimisel

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Our design team challenged our expert Belgian
carpetmaking partners to show off all their tricks for our
Hilton carpet. This carpet not only combines different
colours to create a graphic Memphis-inspired design,
it has woven-in patterns and shaved-in motifs to create
a very special effect. The edges are another brilliant
carpetmaking touch. In the rectangular versions of Hilton,
the edges are kept narrow. This adds interest and also
makes it possible to put lay carpets next to each other
seamlessly. But wait, there is more! Hilton is available in
a variety of sizes and even a round version.
Machine woven carpet
Composition: 60% Decolan, 40% PES
Long sides overclocked, short sides folded and glued
Jute backing, anti slip
Height: 9,5 mm

Tarneaeg: kuni 6 nädalat (kui toote juures märge: saadaval järeltellimusel). Kui toode on Eesti laos (toote juures märgitud laoseis), siis 5 tööpäeva.

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