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The metal wall rack Teun (hxwxd): 188x85x35 cm is made of a tubular iron frame, 20×20 mm, combined with seven iron shelves. The entire rack is finished with a black powder coating. You can attach the rack Teun to the wall or place it as a room divider.
The thickness of each board is 2 cm and the maximum weight per board is 30 kg. Each ‘intermediate compartment’ has a height of 30 cm. The total height of the shelf is 60 cm.

Note: As a room divider, one narrow side must always be placed against a wall in order to be able to fix this rack securely. It is not recommended to place the rack in a freestanding position as this may cause the rack to topple over.


188x85x35 (H X B X D)


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