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Chic mirror cabinet
Iron frame with antique brass finish
Practical; with 2 fitted shelves
H 60 x W 47 X D 11 cm

Practical, but also an elegant addition to your interior. This Unfold mirror cabinet has a chic look because of the antique brass iron frame. The Unfold mirror cabinet comes from the collection of the Dutch brand BePureHome. The mirror itself has a size of (hxw 56×40,5 cm). Unfold can only be hung vertically on the two hooks, because of the opening possibility of the mirror.

The mirror has a mirror door (d 1 cm) behind which are 2 shelves (d 1 cm) to store things. Height bottom to 1st shelf: 17.5 cm. Height between fitted shelves: 22 cm. Height of second fitted shelf to top 17.5 cm. The Unfold mirror cabinet has a weight of 5 kg.

Note: The Unfold mirror cabinet is not suitable for hanging in wet areas.

Tarneaeg: 6-8 nädalat


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